Welcome to Gary and Alison Ellison

The Ellisons

There was a very warm welcome at Finaghy Baptist Church, despite the 'beast from the east' giving us freezing temperatures and several inches of snow! The church was packed to overflowing as we celebrated and welcomed Gary and Alison into the FBC church family.

It was a joy to fellowship with our brothers and sisters from all over Northern Ireland as Gary was inducted as our Pastor. There were representatives from many churches both near and far and greetings from the ABCI, Bethany in Bangor as well as our Mission family as far away as Africa and Asia.  Steven Curry gave the charge to both Gary and FBC encouraging us to be faithful to God.

 Gary Speaking

 gary and the Elders

 Gary speaking to a packed FBC

 Gary and the FBC Elders

We look forwa
rd to what God has for us in the coming days, and pray we would know God's blessing on Gary's ministry and us as a church family.  We pray that Gary and Alison would soon feel at home, and that we would support and care for one another, and spur one another on to love and good deeds!

If you would like to see a short video of the evening - have a look at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/finaghybaptistchurch